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投稿者 スレッド
投稿日時: 2005-8-11 1:08  更新日時: 2005-8-11 1:08
 Re: WordPress/0.5.0
I've noticed that since upgrading to 0.5.5RC2a on Xoops 2.2.1, the blogs section is very slow. All other areas of my site are running at normal speed, so I think that it has to be related to communication between these two versions of wordpress and xoops.

I ran an SQL debug and it took 8.7 seconds for the page to load. Also there is a weird error in the "Queries Block" part of SQL debug. The account is my test account but this is not the account that I was logged in as when running the query? I'm going to delete the account and see what happnes.

INSERT INTO xoops_wp_users (`ID`, `user_login`, `user_pass`, `user_firstname`, `user_lastname`, `user_nickname`, `user_icq`, `user_email`, `user_url`, `user_ip`, `user_domain`, `user_browser`, `dateYMDhour`, `user_level`, `user_aim`, `user_msn`, `user_yim`, `user_idmode`, `user_description`) VALUES (277, 'test', '', '', '', 'test', 0, '[email protected]';, '', '', '', '', '', 1, '', '', '', 'nickname', '')
Error number: 1062
Error message: Duplicate entry 'test' for key 2
( 0.00036)

返信 投稿者 投稿日時
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