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投稿日時: 2005-5-17 18:13  更新日時: 2005-5-17 18:13
 Re: WordPress/0.5.0
Poster: nobunobu Posted: 2005/5/14 0:39:18
There is no way to get what you want now.
I'm thinking how integrate WordPress profile into XOOPS profile.
After I decide how to do it, I'll think about how these profiles are display on screen.
Please wait for a while.

Nobonobu san,

the new module is a great leap forwards well done - especially the way the user module now links to the xoops users - fantastic.
SPAW editor also looks and feels great - very intuitive for users to blog now.

Am wondering whether it is now possible to link with xoops user profile so that blog readers can see the blogger's profile. When xoops version 2.2 comes out, the profiles will be fully customizable, and you can control who can see what in the profile. If we can get wordpress to link in to this it would be really powerful. Also might be a possibility to link to mylinks or weblinks module - although this might just become part of the Xoops user profiles.

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