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投稿者 スレッド
投稿日時: 2005-8-11 1:31  更新日時: 2005-8-11 1:31
 Re: WordPress/0.5.0
Ok. So I deleted that user and got rid of the above SQL error message, but with further testing. I determined it is definitely the blogs that is running slowly. For instance, my homepage loads in 0.5 seconds without the blog comments and update blocks and in 6-9 seconds with the blog comments and updates showing.

SQL shows the following query run against every user in the database. Not sure that it should be querying every user?

SELECT * FROM xoops_users u, xoops_user_profile p WHERE u.uid = p.profileid AND uid = '494' LIMIT 0, 1
( 0.000198)

but otherwise no error messages in sql debug.

Any ideas on why it's so slow?

返信 投稿者 投稿日時
 Re: WordPress/0.5.0 nobunobu 2005-8-11 11:51
    Re: WordPress/0.5.0 通りすがりさん 2005-8-15 23:07
      Re: WordPress/0.5.0 通りすがりさん 2005-12-9 8:07
        Re: WordPress/0.5.0 通りすがりさん 2005-12-9 12:14
          Re: WordPress/0.5.0 通りすがりさん 2005-12-9 13:01

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